Creating a Safe Workplace

Product solutions ideal for physical distancing

Distancing at Work

As we transition back to work, floor plans must adapt to allow for more space between coworkers and more separation between teams to establish personal boundaries that support physical distancing, collaboration and performance. Explore solutions for returning to a safe and protected workplace.

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(More) Privacy, Please


Available Now: A new series of Desk Top and Mobile Screens address the need to optimize privacy and create separation within the workplace. Screens provide easy to clean surfaces in a range of heights, sizes and material options for practical protection. 

Desk Top Privacy | Qui Mobile Screens

Cloud™ Cover


Cloud offers a designated personal space to work comfortably and safely with built in privacy from the surrounding environment. A staggered, opposing layout provides adequate distancing and eliminates face-to-face orientation.  

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Define areas with Storage

Claim space by adding vertical storage to create boundaries and division from adjacent workspaces to protect users and comply with physical distancing. 

Rolflex Shelving | Bookcase, Planters & Lockers