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High Pressure and Melamine Laminate Finishes
Available for specification on Surfaces and Frames. Matching edge available for all finishes.
949 White HPL
555 Nova White ML
961 Fog HPL
168 Canadian Grey ML
909 Black HPL
888 Nova Black ML
7909 Fusion Maple HPL
7909 Fusion Maple ML
10776 Kensington Maple HPL
10776 Kensington Maple ML
7928 Castle Oak HPL
7928 Castle Oak ML
10745 Fonthill Pear HPL
971 Paar ML
9484 OxidizedBeamwoodHPL
9484 OxidizedBeamwoodML
7966 Fifth Ave Elm HPL
7966 Fifth Ave Elm ML
OUG16 Milano Oak HPL
G16 Milano Oak ML
OU511 Hi Teak HPL
511 Hi Teak ML
7937 River Cherry HPL
7937 River Cherry ML
412 Wenge HPL
762 Shadow Oak ML
OUH61 Intrigue HPL
H61 Intrigue ML
High Pressure Laminate Finishes
Available for specification on Surfaces and Storage Fronts Only. No Matching Melamine Laminate available.
7012 Amber Maple HPL
7942 Cocobala HPL
7935 Shaker Cherry HPL
7938 New Age Oak HPL
7122 Empire Mahogany HPL
9256 Summerflame HPL
7922 Brighton Walnut HPL
Metal Finishes
Silver Powder Coat
Black Powder Coat
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